Monday 13 March 2017

Marton 31 departs for Beamish

The low-loader and escort van of Calkeld heavy Haulage ready to depart for Beamish
Marton Box Car 31 was loaded up in Blackpool and departed for its long trip home to Beamish on the morning of 13th March. Calkeld Heavy Haulage were ready bright and early with their low-loader in Blundell Street, and before long Unimog 939 emerged with 31 from the electrical compound in the depot. The Unimog positioned 31 in Blundell Street at the foot of the trailer rail ramp, at this point Calkeld took over and winched Marton 31 onto the back of the low-loader. All that remained was for the tram to be chained down to the trailer, then after a short crew break the transporter and tram departed from Blundell Street shortly after 10 am.

Marton 31 being dragged out of the tram depot by Unimog 939
31 being pulled onto the trailer by the electric winch on the rear of the tractor unit
31 being winched on by the tractor unit with aid of a pulley on the side of the trailer
Dennis Trident 307 passing 31 chained down onto the low-loader in Blundell St
Calkeld's transporter threading its way between the traction poles into Hopton Road
Marton 31 and low-loader making the turn from Hopton Road into Lytham Road

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