Thursday 8 December 2016

Brush Car 621 joins the Heritage Fleet

Brush Car 621 back on Blackpool rails again, 5 years after it left the resort for Kirkham Prison
On the evening of 8th December Brush Car 621 returned to Blackpool after being away from the resort for 5 years. 621 has spent the last two years in storage at Beamish, where there had been plans to restore it for use on their museum tramway, prior to that the tram had been stored at Kirkham Prison for three years as part of the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust collection. Due to a change of priorities in the transport collection at Beamish, it was decided that Brush Car 621 could be released for return to Blackpool where it would become part of the Heritage Tram Tour fleet. The Brush Car was transported to Blackpool by Scotts Heavy Haulage, where is was unloaded and shunted into the safety of the tram depot by Unimog 939.

Scotts Heavy Haulage turning the corner from Rigby Road into Blundell Street
Scotts transporter after manoeuvring into the unloading position
Brush Car 621 halfway down the rail ramp during the unloading procedure
621 being shunted around the curve from Blundell Street into Hopton Road by Unimog 939
Brush Car 621 tucked up inside Rigby Road tram depot with the rest of the heritage fleet
Brush Car 621 seen passing the old tram station at Rossall School in October 2002

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