Sunday 11 December 2016

Balloon 703 appeal target achieved in one day

Balloon 703 seen at Central Pier in a classic view dating from September 2005
The enormous success of the first crowdfunding initiative for a Blackpool tram in exceeding the £1,500 target, for transporting Balloon 703 home from Beamish, in less than 24 hours is to be applauded. Due to future development plans at Beamish, Brush Car 621 and Balloon 703 no longer fitted in with the long term aims of the museum, and it was agreed to release both trams from their collection. Thanks to the rapid response to the appeal, it will now be possible to fund the transport of 703 back to Blackpool, and hopefully in the not too distant future the tram can be made available for use in the active heritage fleet.

Balloon 703 masquerading as Sunderland 101 at Beamish in November 2012

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