Wednesday 3 February 2016

Training Trams Galore

Balloon 711 at Fleetwood Ferry while in use as a Heritage Tram crew driver trainer
Wednesday 3rd February saw no less than four purple and white trams in use on driver training duties in Blackpool. Fat door Balloons 700, 711 and 719 were in use training Heritage Tram drivers, and Flexity 003 was also out on the Promenade training service tram crew. The purple Balloons ranged over the full system throughout the day, from Starr Gate to Fleetwood Ferry.

Balloon 700 southbound at Central Pier on Heritage crew driver training
Balloon 719 heading north from the Starr Gate terminus while on Heritage Tram crew driver training
Southbound driver training Flexity 003 passing Balloon 711 on Heritage Tram crew training near Starr Gate

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