Sunday 28 February 2016

Sun, Boat and Twins

Boat 230 approaching Bispham under clear but chilly blue skies
The second day of the February Heritage Tram Tour weekend continued on Sunday 28th February, with a mixture of sunshine and cloud. The gold timetabled service was in force again, with trams 40, 230, 648, 723, 272/T2 and 675/685 in use throughout the day. Boat 230 was used once again on the heritage service, despite it only being 2 deg C at 0900!

Twin Set 272/T2 at Bispham heading towards Fleetwood under glorious blue skies
Twin Set 675/685 at Bispham heading south, bound for the Pleasure Beach
Southbound Balloon 723 now looking decidedly scruffy, especially on the roof
Northbound Box Car 40 waiting at Foxhall, while Twin Set 675/685 reverses over the crossover
Centenary 648 passing Twin Set 675/685 at North Pier

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