Sunday 17 January 2016

Trams in the Snow

Flexity 005 at the Bold Street tram terminus in Fleetwood just before sunrise on Sunday 17th January
The first snowfall of the year was experienced on the Fylde Coast on the evening of Saturday 16th January. Although it had only been a fairly light fall of snow, because the temperature was still at freezing point in the morning it enabled a few intrepid enthusiasts to venture out and take some snowy tram scene photos.

Flexity 005 southbound towards Starr Gate at Anchorsholme crossing
Flexity 001 heading down the incline at Little Bispham towards Anchorsholme crossing
Flexity 011 northbound at Lowther Avenue early on in the morning on Sunday 17th January
Flexity 014 heading towards Fleetwood at Rossall School on 17th January


  1. Thanks for your efforts, I stayed in all day.

    1. A very wise decision as I slipped on some ice and fractured my thumb!