Tuesday 19 January 2016

New Double Deck Buses for Blackpool

An Arriva London Enviro 400 City during a short visit to Rigby Road depot on 12th October 2015
Blackpool Transport have placed an order for 10 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City buses. The new buses will be similar to the Enviro 400 City models that are currently in service with Arriva London, and their 72 seat bodies will feature Wi-Fi, E-leather seating, wood effect flooring and USB charging points, as well as having a glazed staircase. The new vehicles will be painted in the same grey and yellow colour scheme carried by the Palladium branded Mercedes Citaros, and will be used to replace existing buses on the service 9 from Blackpool to Cleveleys. See http://www.alexander-dennis.com/news/blackpool-sets-the-pace-with-2m-enviro400-city-bus-deal/ for the official press announcement from Alexander Dennis Limited.

A rear view of the Arriva London Enviro 400 City that paid a vist to Rigby Road depot on 12th October 2015

An artist's impression of an Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City in Blackpool Transport's Palladium colour scheme


  1. When will they be unveiled at blackpool?

    1. I don't have that information, perhaps something will be announced closer to the time that they are due to be delivered in June.

  2. Almost the same to the sapphires in Wakefield there great pliter voice on them then it does on then single decker Blackpool busses with that heaping and the talking Arriva sapphire is more polite voice and has a screen up and downstairs telling you the next stop and when its approaching it as well as saying your next stop is