Saturday 25 July 2015

Second Hong Kong open-topper on the Zoo Bus

 MCW Metrobus F69 SYE turning into Albert Road on the Service 21 to Blackpool Zoo
Catch22Bus Ltd's 1988 ex China Motor Bus 12m MCW Metrobus F69 SYE was in service on route 21 to Blackpool Zoo on Saturday 25th July. For some reason the bus was displaying a route board with the destination Tower on when en route to the Zoo, and then displaying Zoo when it was heading back towards the Tower, all rather confusing.

MCW Metrobus F69 SYE in New Bonny Street on the way back towards Blackpool Tower
MCW Metrobus F69 SYE turning right from Albert Road into Coronation Street on the Service 21 to Blackpool Zoo
MCW Metrobus F69 SYE on Hornby Road crossing Park Road on the way towards Blackpool Zoo

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