Saturday 4 July 2015

Boat 227 dewires at the Cabin

Boat 227 waiting to reverse at the Cabin on the afternoon trip from the Pleasure Beach, while Flexity 010 passes by
On the blue timetabled Heritage Tour service on Saturday 4th July, Boat 227 was the tram which operated the scheduled late afternoon trip from Pleasure Beach to the Cabin. As 227 reversed and ran over the crossover at the Cabin, the trolley pole dewired on the overhead junction frog at the southbound exit of the crossing. Recovering the errant pole was a two man business due to it being so high in the air.

Everything appears to be going smoothly as Boat 227 uses the crossover at the Cabin on its way back south again
Boat 227's trolley pole reaching for the sky after it became dewired while passing over the overhead frog at the Cabin
Recovering 227's dewired trolley pole was a two man operation

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