Thursday, 2 April 2015

Three Trams on Weekday Heritage

Balloon 701 at Central Pier on its first (and only) northbound trip in Heritage Tour service on 2nd April
Day four of the 2015 weekday Heritage Tram Tours saw Balloon 701 and Brush Car 631 in use. Unfortunately 701 didn't last in service very long, after its first round trip from the Pleasure Beach to North Pier and return, the tram had to be taken out of service due to a compressor fuse failure. 701 returned to Rigby Road depot, and after rather a long hiatus was eventually replaced on Heritage Tour service by Balloon 717 which left the depot at 1145.

Brush 631 heading south at Manchester Square displaying "Heritage Tour" on the black and white destination blind
Balloon 701 returning back to Rigby Road tram depot at 1115 with a faulty compressor fuse
Balloon 717 just south of the Tower, after it replaced demic Balloon 701 in Heritage Tour service

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