Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Saturday Heritage

Balloon 706 Princess Alice approaching the Pleasure Beach under blue skies on Heritage Tour service on 4th April
The weather on Easter Saturday was a big improvement over the previous week in Blackpool, so much so that it was decided that the forecast was good enough to warrant bringing out Boat 230 and open-top Balloon 706 to run on the green timetabled heritage service, the first time that open trams have been used on Heritage Tour service this season. The other two trams in use on the day were Bolton 66 and Centenary Car 642. The weather remained sunny with light winds all day, providing perfect conditions for passengers to enjoy rides on the two open cars.

Boat 230 waiting to depart from the Heritage Tram stop at North Pier
Bolton 66 southbound at North Pier on Heritage Tour service
Centenary Car 642 heading south towards the Pleasure Beach at Foxhall Square
Balloon 706 passing Boat 230 taking its crew break on the centre track at Bispham at lunchtime on 4th April

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