Sunday 25 May 2014

Spring Bank Holiday Sunday

A fully loaded Western Train arriving at the Pleasure Beach as it returns from the morning Heritage Tour to Fleetwood
Sunday 25th May's first Heritage Tour was met by a grey, dismal and wet Fleetwood when the morning tour operated by the Western Train arrived in the town. The day also ended the same way in Fleetwood, when Pantograph 167 and Brush 631 had to endure torrential rain on their return run down Lord Street on the way back to Blackpool during the late afternoon Heritage Tour to the port. Fortunately in between these extremes the weather was a bit kinder, with the afternoon in Blackpool seeing considerable amounts of sunshine along the Promenade, although just inland from the coast the weather was rather dire. The Heritage Tour output for the day was provided by the Western Train, Pantograph Car 167 and Brush Car 631, with the Western Train being replaced by Twin Set 272+T2 during the afternoon.

Pantograph Car 167 passing northbound Flexity 005 at North Pier
Brush Car 631 on a run to North Pier passes southbound Flexity 011 at the Pleasure Beach tram stop
The two remaining Pantograph Cars displayed side by side on the Pleasure Beach loop shortly after midday
Brush Car 631 pauses at the Heritage Tour stop at North Pier on a northbound run to Bispham in the afternoon
Brush Car 631 and Pantograph 167 both taking their crew breaks on the centre track at Bispham during the afternoon
The Western Train on its way back to Starr Gate depot after first unloading its passengers at the Pleasure Beach
Twin Set 272+T2 replaced the Western Train during the afternoon, seen here arriving at Bispham tram station
Brush Car 631 passing the former Miner's Convalescent Home at Bispham with heavy skies in the background
Pantograph Car 167 heading south at Lowther Avenue, with heavily laden skies providing a dramatic backdrop

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