Saturday 19 April 2014

Easter Saturday Heritage Tours

Boat 230 and Balloon 717 pose at Fleetwood Ferry during the late afternoon heritage tour to the fishing port
Saturday 19th April was the second day of heritage tram operations in Blackpool over the Easter Weekend. The day began with the usual morning tour to Fleetwood which was handled this time by Twin Set 272 and T2 and Boat 600. Standard 147 and Bolton 66 followed into service later operating Promenade tours as required. Between about 1pm and 3pm widened Balloons 719 and 713 were displayed alongside the fitting shop in Blundell Street, with Balloon 720 being pulled out onto the depot fan, exhibiting its missing centre door that was damaged during a depot move several months ago. The trams used on the late afternoon tour to Fleetwood were Balloon 717 "Walter Luff" and Boat 230 "George Formby".

Twin Set 272+T2 passing the Ferry on the morning heritage tour that ran through to Fleetwood
Bolton 66 loading passengers at a temporary heritage stop on the northbound running line at the Pleasure beach

Boat 600 on its return from Fleetwood passing a line of horse-drawn landaus near to South Pier

Standard 147 heading south past North Pier while on an early afternoon Heritage Tour
Twin Set 272+T2 taking a break on the loop line at the Pleasure Beach during Saturday afternoon
Widened Balloons 719 and 713 were displayed on the track in Blundell Street during middle of the afternoon
Widened Balloon 720 displayed on the track fan, showing the missing door that was damaged during a depot move
Balloon 717 "Walter Luff" taking a mid afternoon break on the loop track at the Pleasure Beach

Boat 230 "George Formby" turning at North Pier on a round trip Heritage Tour from the Pleasure Beach

Newly renamed Balloon 717 "Walter Luff" with the late afternoon sun reflecting off its new varnish in North Albert Street

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