Thursday 10 October 2013

Red Rocket Route Branding

Mercedes-Benz Citaro BL52 ODK departing from Blackpool Central Coach Station, displaying the new route branding

The Classic Bus North West "Red Rocket" express bus service from Blackpool to Manchester is beginning to have route branding applied to the Mercedes-Benz Citaro vehicles that are operating the route. MAL49 (BD52LNF) and MAL53 (BL52ODK) have been noted with stickers on the front and nearside destination screens that read "Red Rocket" on the top line, with "Manchester > Blackpool Express" displayed on the lower line, also the route number "X70" is stuck over the right hand side of the front destination box. MAL53 (BL52ODK) has also had white letters displaying the words "red rocket" applied beneath the windscreen. The buses that were observed today at Blackpool Central Coach Station no longer seem to be having any problems turning in the restricted area available.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro MAL49 at Central Coach Station, with destination stickers but no route branding on the front
Citaro MAL49 making the turn at the end of the Central Coach Station in one sweep without any problems

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