Wednesday 30 October 2013

Harrogate Volvo on the Red Rocket

Ex Transdev Harrogate 611 on the longest Park & Ride service in the NW, the X70 from Blackpool to Manchester!

Classic Bus North West recently took delivery of two former Transdev Harrogate and District Volvo B6BLEs with Wright Crusader bodywork, 601 (W601 CWX) and 611 (W611 CWX). Volvo 611 was noted operating the 10:30 Red Rocket express service from Blackpool Central Coach Station to Manchester on Wednesday 30th October.

Ex Transdev Harrogate Volvo 611 with a queue of passengers waiting to board the X70 express service to Manchester


  1. Substitution of other buses for the Citaros seems be a regular event. Is it a question of the economics of ther former or the engineering reliability of the latter, I wonder?

  2. I suspect the latter, seeing as the Volvo had been sent out to replace a Citaro that had broken down on the M61.

  3. We have two "bendies" back with Mercedes at the moment with problems which is why other buses are substituting. One of them will be back with us next week....

  4. Thanks for the update, it's nice to see a variety of vehicles on the X70.