Tuesday 11 June 2013

First LTT Trams Return Home

Coronation 304 reversing out of the Fleetwood storage yard on the back of Scotts low loader

Only a day after the welcome announcement that BTS are to become custodians of part of the LTT tram collection, Coronation 304 was collected by Scotts Heavy haulage from the storage yard in Fleetwood, where it has been stored for several months, and returned home to Rigby Road depot. 304 was absolutely covered in seagull droppings, but apart from that looked non the worse for wear at a glance. The tram is now safe again at long last, and will be at lot more secure in the dry storage of the tram depot at Blackpool. 

The second LTT tram of the day to return to Rigby Road was OMO 8, which had been in outdoor storage at a disused industrial yard in Marton. Apart from a smashed window, OMO 8 appeared to be in a lot better shape externally than Coronation 304, with the paintwork still looking very clean. These two trams were probably the most significant members of the LTT collection that have had to put up with open storage, so it was fitting that they should be the first two to be returned to the safety and security of Rigby Road depot.

Coronation 304 is pushed into Rigby Road depot by Unimog 939 after its return from storage in a yard in Fleetwood

Scotts low loader leaving the open storage yard in Marton with OMO 8 onboard for the short journey to Rigby Road

OMO 8 is pushed from Blundell Street into Hopton Road by Unimog 938 after its return from storage in Marton

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