Sunday, 16 June 2013

Brush 627 gets graffitied

Inkie's completed urban street art of a blue haired lady now adorns Brush car 627 opposite the Pleasure Beach 

Leading up to this weekend's "Sand, Sea & Spray" event, which is part of the third annual Urban Arts Festival, Brush car 627 was selected to be painted by London based street artist "Inkie", who is a compatriot of the well known urban artist "Banksy". The painting of 627 (290) was one of several events that took place over the weekend as part of the local arts festival. Inkie began to paint 627 on Friday 14th, in spite of occasional heavy rain showers, and completed the painting of one side and both ends of the tram on Saturday. The street art represents a lady with long blue hair flowing along the side of the tram, surrounded by lots of swirls and triangular symbols, there is also a stylised "290" fleet number over the doors, the artwork being signed at the top right hand corner by the artist. The seaward side of the tram is still in the Queens's Diamond Jubilee celebration scheme, although the children's paintings that adorned each window have now been removed. Although the covering of one side of 627 with urban street art appears to have been rather controversial in some circles, it certainly presents a more striking appearance now compared to the comparatively unimaginative Diamond Jubilee colour scheme that the tram previously carried.

"Inkie" takes a short break during his painting of the blue haired lady on Brush car 627 on Saturday 15th June

A close up of the partly finished urban street art of the blue haired lady as seen on the morning of 15th June

Partly painted 627 on 15th June, with a local tram preservation figure propping up the ladder for a photographer

The seaward side of 627 still showing the Queen's Diamond Jubilee scheme, minus the paintings in the windows

The completed artwork on the landward side of 627 as seen on the morning of Sunday 16th June

The north end of 627 which is displaying the rather optimistic destination "Fleetwood Tram Museum 2014"

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