Tuesday 21 May 2013

Nottingham Express Transit

NET 203 in the original green, silver and black livery, at the Old Market Square stop in Nottingham city centre
A short visit to the Nottinghamshire area over the weekend afforded a chance to visit the very interesting Nottingham Express Transit system, known locally as NET. The new tram system began operation on 9th March 2004 and was an instant hit with the public. The visit took place during a transitional period, where the existing livery of green, silver and black is gradually being supplanted by a predominantly silver livery with a green band. The system has street track for several miles from the city centre to the beginning of the suburbs where it changes to reserved track, paralleling an existing heavy rail line to the terminus at Hucknall nine miles away, there is also a short single track spur line to a park-and-ride car park at Phoenix Park. The on street trackage is particularly interesting, as a good portion of it is over hilly terrain with many twists and turns, the contrast with the straight and flat coastal tramway in Blackpool being very marked. Both systems are operated by Bombardier 100% low floor trams, Nottingham using 15 Incentro AT6/5 models, whereas Blackpool use 16 of the more modern Flexity 2 trams. See my Blackpool Tram Flickr gallery for a greater selection of photos taken during the visit.

NET 215 in the new silver and green band livery outbound along Waverley Street on a service for Hucknall

NET 208 in an all-over advert for Eon is about to leave the Old Market Square on a service for Phoenix Park

NET 204 passing The Arboretum public park on Waverley Street, on an inbound service for Station Street

NET 211 has just left The Forest tram stop in Hyson Green on an outbound service for Hucknall

NET 212 on Radford Road on an inbound service for Station Street, departing the Hyson Green Market tram stop

NET 204 at the terminus of the single track Phoenix Park branch, which serves the adjacent park-and-ride car park

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