Thursday 2 May 2013

Layton route tram track revealed

A crossover section of pointwork lifted in Talbot Road at the junction with Dickson Rd (running off in the background)
During ongoing roadworks on Talbot Road close to the old bus station, some sections of track from the former Layton tram route have been uncovered and dug up, the short tram route to Layton from the town centre being one of the first of the inland routes to be closed in 1936. The trackwork that is currently being excavated is at the junction of the Layton route and the Dickson Road line, sections of pointwork and the associated crossover track have been lifted, also some of the former Layton route track was visible for a short while still in situ running up Talbot Road.

A small section of the Layton route still in situ, with the turn off into Dickson Rd just visible to the left of the workman

Part of the Talbot Road and Dickson Road junction pointwork (upside down), with the old bus station visible behind

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