Friday, 26 April 2013

Heritage Trams at Starr Gate

Box car 40 approaching Starr Gate depot, while Flexity 004 waits at the red signal until 40 enters the depot confines
Box car 40 was moved from Rigby Road depot to Starr Gate depot this morning. It was towed out of the depot as far as the crossover at Foxhall by the Unimog, with the trolley leading but tied down. At Foxhall the trolley was untied and raised onto the overhead wire, after which the tram proceeded to Starr Gate depot under its own power. Box 40 was put onto the left hand road on the engineering side of the depot at Starr Gate. On the same track that 40 was stabled on were Standard 147 and widened Balloon 713 (at the rear).

Box 40 enters the depot at Starr Gate, with Standard 147 already in the depot with Balloon 713 parked right behind it

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