Friday 26 April 2013

002 back on Driver Training again

Elusive Flexity 002 back in driver training mode again today, after its brief outing in passenger service at the weekend
Flexity 002 has still not managed any decent spells of use in passenger service yet. After its brief appearance in service last Saturday, it seems to have reverted to its old ways of hiding out of sight or being used on driver training. 002 was noted out on training again today as it passed Central Pier.


  1. I'd be asking WHY it's not being used on passenger duties as much, is there a physical difference between this unit and the rest?

  2. A lot of people are asking why. 001 and 002 were apparently built to an earlier standard to the other 14 Flexities. 001 was 'upgraded' at Starr Gate depot and 002 was sent back to Bombardier at Bautzen in Germany for 'unspecified' work to be done (the only one of the 16 trams to have been returned to the manufacturer). One can only speculate that there is still something not quite right about 002, the return to Germany only adds further speculation as to the reasons why it was seen so little use in service.

    1. Is it possible that 002 is working its way through a warranty period for testing before being accepted into revenue service? BTW I like your Blog very much.

  3. I suppose that there is that possibility David, although it did return from Bombardier on November 1st last year, which is nearly 6 months now.

    Thanks for the positive feedback on the blog :)