Monday 10 December 2012

Flexity 002 back in action

Flexity 002 is back in action again, seen here in use on driver training duties near St Chad's Rd on 10th December
Flexity 002 is finally back in use again, over five weeks after it returned from Bombardier at Bautzen in Germany on 1st November, where it had been receiving upgrades and modifications. 002 was in use on driver training duties this afternoon, being noted as far north as Bispham, where it spent a while sat on the centre loop before returning south. This is the first time that the tram has been used with its full vinyl branding and fleet numbers, as when 002 was sent back to Germany in May it was devoid of vinyls or numbering. Hopefully now that the tram has been commissioned and is back in use, it won't be too long before it enters passenger service.

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