Friday 7 December 2012

Cinderella advert for Flexity 010

Flexity 010 exiting Bold St on the Fleetwood loop, sporting its new Grand Theatre advert for Cinderella
This week has seen the start of some of the Flexity trams having their existing adverts replaced with newer ones. Flexity 004 has already received a new Pleasure Beach advert for the Wallace and Gromit themed "Thrill-O-Matic" ride, which replaced the previous Hot Ice advert on 2nd December. Flexity 010 has had its existing Grand Theatre summer show advert replaced by a new one for the pantomime Cinderella, which opens at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool tonight (7th December).

Flexity 010 northbound at Cleveleys, displaying its new Grand Theatre advert for the pantomime Cinderella
The centre section of Flexity 010, showing details of the new Cinderella show that opens at the Grand Theatre today

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