Friday 13 July 2012

Twin Set trailer 684 leaves Blackpool

Twin Set trailer 684 on Scotts low loader, with a pantograph for 674 and a box of spare parts
Following the departure of Twin Set motor car 674 yesterday afternoon, today saw matching trailer 684 take its turn to be loaded ready for the long journey to the North East. 684 was pulled out of the depot by Unimog 939 and moved into Blundell Street in front of Scotts low loader. Loading began at around 1845, with 684 being pushed to the foot of the ramp by Scotts little Avant 635 loader, the trailer winch then took over at this point to haul the tram onto the low loader. Loading was trouble free, but it wasn't until 2125 that the show finally got on the road, when Scotts low loader departed Blundell Street with its load of 684 bound for temporary outside storage at Gateshead, joining 674 and 647 which were taken there earlier in the week.

684 part way up the ramp of Scotts low loader, about to leave Blackpool rails for the last time
Winch end view of 684 part way up the rail ramp onto the trailer
Dismantling the rail ramp, with 684 safely loaded onto the back of the trailer
Everything safely loaded and strapped down onto the trailer ready for departure.....
.....but it was to be another hour before the convoy finally set off, with darkness gathering quickly
Scotts low loader with lights ablaze turning into Lytham Road, about to head off on the long journey to Gateshead

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