Friday 20 July 2012

First Flexity to carry two Adverts

Flexity 010 at Pharos Street with its new multi-coloured advert for the Grand Theatre
Flexity 010 has became the first of the supertrams to carry two different adverts, one side of the tram carries an advert for the Grand Theatre while on the other side there is an advert for Stanley Park's Art Deco Cafe. These two designs make a pleasant change from all the look-alike adverts for the Pleasure Beach that have been applied to six of the new trams, these adverts have the same plain font and text colour on identical gold backgrounds right along the roof line panels. 
The Grand Theatre advert on Flexity 010 has multi-coloured roof line graphics that feature a mixture of words and pictures in a billboard style, while the Stanley Park Cafe advert uses an Art Deco font type in black and pink on a white background along the roof panels. These adverts show what can be done with a little bit of imagination, the Pleasure Beach roof adverts appearing rather plain and uninspiring by comparison.

The reverse side of 010 carries an advert for the Stanley Park Art Deco Cafe

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