Sunday 29 July 2012

Balloons on Specials

Balloon 700 on a special behind service car 006 at the Fleetwood Ferry stop in Bold Street
As there were no heritage tours scheduled today due to faulty points at the Pleasure Beach, it was decided to employ the two sets of crews on specials instead. The trams selected were Balloons 700 and 709, running northbound to various destinations, and turning back at the Foxhall due to the Pleasure Beach loop being out of bounds because of the points problem. The day afforded the many enthusiasts that were around plenty of opportunities to get sunny shots of the Flexities and Balloons passing each other, and also the chance to ride Balloons in normal service instead of on a heritage tour. A selection of photos taken during the mid afternoon are shown here.

A broadside view of 700 at Fleetwood Ferry
Balloon 700 on a southbound special passing Fleetwood Ferry
Northbound Flexity 015 passes 700 at Cleveleys tram station
Balloon 700 southbound at Cleveleys
Balloon 700 and Flexity 006 pass at the northbound North Pier tram stop
Balloon 700 on a short working to Cabin before returning back to Rigby Road depot
Balloon 709 at Cleveleys on a special to Thornton Gate
Flexity 013 and Balloon 709 pass each other at North Pier
Balloon 709 on a special to Cabin, before returning to Manchester Square and back to the depot


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  2. Hi Alan As always from following you with the photos on the old website you had and now that you do this I am always reading and looking when there are changes I generally come visit every few days to see if anything new has happened