Friday, 24 February 2017

Enviro 400 Demonstrator

ADL Enviro 400 City SN66 WLK in Bold Street in Fleetwood on the Service 1 to Freeport
Blackpool Transport have had an Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City demonstrator on loan during the last week. SN66 WLK arrived on Monday 20th February, and has been in passenger service on various routes throughout the week. The blue demonstrator features three large glazed rooflights in the upper deck roof, plus other detail differences to the Enviro 400s currently in the BTS fleet.

ADL Enviro 400 City demonstrator SN66 WLK in Lord Street Fleetwood on Service 1 to Starr Gate
ADL Enviro 400 City demonstartor SN66 WLK on its way out of Freeport Fleetwood
A rear view of ADL Enviro 400 City demonstartor SN66 WLK leaving Freeport