Sunday 15 July 2012

Tram Sunday

Balloon 700 moves forward into Lord Street (to clear the crossover) waiting for heritage Balloon 717 to arrive
The Fleetwood Festival of Transport, otherwise know as Tram Sunday, saw two Balloons running down Lord Street together early on Sunday morning. Balloon 700 made its debut in the recently applied purple and white colour scheme as worn by the Flexities. 700 turned up at Ash Street at 0740, then had to wait for Balloon 717 which was stuck behind Flexity 011, the first service tram of the day. 717 duly arrived, then just after 0800 the two Balloons ran in convoy along Lord Street and North Albert Street, to take up their display positions in Pharos Street shortly after 0815.

700 with Flexity 011, the first service tram of the day, waiting to reverse on the crossover at Ash Street
Balloon 717 following 700 down Lord Street 
Balloons 700 and 717 making their way down Lord Street towards their display location in Pharos Street
700 passing Poppy's cafe in North Albert Street
Balloon 717 following 700 along North Albert Street 
700 pauses at the Fleetwood Ferry stop in Bold Street for 717 to catch up
717 takes up its display position in Pharos Street behind 700
Balloon 700 sat in Pharos Street waiting for the crowds to arrive
700 and 717 in Pharos Street shortly before they returned to the depot at the end of the day
A side on view of 700 in Pharos Street
Just a reminder of what has been lost by the desecration of this tram, wartime liveried 700 in Pharos Street in 2005


  1. My God 700 looks awful in that purple livery

  2. The 717 looks nice back in fleetwood

  3. I agree, 700 doesn't look good because no account has been taken of the graceful curves of the tram. That vertical split between white and purple is hideous whilst the front end treatment is quite without any sympathy for the graceful look of the car. Extend the white at lower deck around the front to a 'V' we all know and love would be a good start, whilst above perhaps the white band could end towards the front in a curve that reflects the graceful curve of the front end. Can anybody do a 'Photoshop' in this style to show BT ?

  4. Whilst I don't think that 700 is as bad as some commentators suggest. it could certainly be improved. My first 'fix' would be to continue the white/purple split from the roof around in a sweeping curve to rejoin the existing colur division behind the driver's door. If some element of the purple/white design could be worked into the front upper deck it would lessen the heavy effect of the solid purple, but I can't suggest how it shoud be done. The sides are rather plain but a perfect base for some tasteful adverising. Garry