Sunday, 19 August 2018

Repainted 642 back in Heritage Tour service

Centenary 642 on its first round trip in Heritage Tour service since being repainted

Revamped Centenary Car 642 made its debut back in Heritage Tram Tour service on a cold, wet and windy Sunday 19th August. The tram has had the cab ends remodelled and has been repainted into a Travel Card style advert livery, advertising the various fare options available on the heritage trams.

Repainted 642 on its debut Heritage Tour run, on the 0950 Tower to Cabin service

Centenary 642 in more favourable weather at Manchester Square in September 2015

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Railcoach 279 leaves Rigby Road

Railcoach 279 on the low loader of Reid Freight Services in Blundell Street

Railcoach 279 left Rigby Road tram depot on Wednesday 15th August so that work could resume off-site on the tram, recreating the original English Electric streamlined configuration. 279 was transported the relatively short distance from the depot to the Fylde Transport Trust garage at Brinwell Road in Marton, on the back of a low loader from Reid Freight Services of Stoke-on-Trent.

279 being pulled out of Rigby Road tram depot by the electric fork lift truck

279 being pulled onto the trailer with a chain by the Mercedes tractor unit

279 chained down and ready for departure in Blundell Street

Reid's low loader making the turn from Hopton Road into Lytham Road

Reid's low loader turning from Clifton Road into Brinwell Road in Marton

279 entering the Fylde Transport Trust garage on Brinwell Road

Railcoach 279 inside the Fylde Transport Trust garage at Marton

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Balloon Sunday

Balloon 715 heading north along Copse Road in Fleetwood towards Ash Street

The annual Fleetwood Festival of Transport, more commonly known as Tram Sunday, took place in beautiful sunshine on Sunday 15th July. A frequent vintage tram service to Blackpool was provide by the Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours throughout the day. The trams in use on the Fleetwood to Pleasure Beach heritage service were Standard 147 and Balloons 701, 713, 715, 717 and 723, with Balloon 700 stationed on Lord Street in Fleetwood selling Heritage Tour souvenirs. With six Balloons in evidence throughout the day (including the shop) the event could almost have been subtitled "Balloon Sunday".

Standard 147 arriving at the heritage tram terminus at Fisherman's Walk

Balloon 723 heading north along Copse Road in Fleetwood

Balloon 701 at the heritage tram terminus at Fisherman's Walk

Balloon 717 & Flexity 015 at the temporary tram terminus at Fisherman's Walk

Balloon 700 arriving at Lord Street in Fleetwood

Balloon 713 leaving Fisherman's Walk heading for the Pleasure Beach

Bolton 66 and Brush 621 on display in Pharos Street

Preserved former Blackpool Corporation Leyland PD3 No 501 on display in Pharos St

A miniature tram on display at Ash Street

Monday, 25 June 2018

New ADL Enviro 200s enter service

236 climbing out of Gynn Square up Dickson Road on service 4 to Mereside

Blackpool Transport's new fleet of eighteen ADL Enviro 200 9.7m single deck buses began operation today. The 34 seat Enviro 200s entered service on routes 3 & 4 between Cleveleys and Blackpool Mereside, replacing the Optare Solos which had formerly operated on these routes. The new Enviro 200s carry BTS's Palladium branding, wearing the same grey and pale yellow livery that is already in use on the double deck Enviro 400s. The new ADL Enviro 200 buses carry fleet numbers 221 to 238.

225 turning round at Cleveleys before heading back south on route 4 to Mereside

221 on Warbreck Hill Road in Blackpool on route 4 to Cleveleys

226 on Rossall Road in Cleveleys on route 3 to Mereside

224 on a service 4 from Mereside at Victoria Square in Cleveleys

A rear view of 225 at Cleveleys on route 4 to Mereside

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Heritage Gold 24th June

Balloon 717 and a horse drawn Cinderella carriage at Manchester Square

The weekend of 23rd and 24th June saw the annual Totally Models event taking place at Rigby Road tram depot, to coincide with this event a Heritage Gold timetable was in operation on the Promenade, with an extra heritage stop being located just north of the Manchester Square LRT platforms. The heritage trams in operation on the Sunday were Balloons 700, 715, 717, 718 & 723, Standard 147 and Bolton 66. Balloon 715 was in use on a Bispham to Hopton Road shuttle service, providing transport to the Totally Models event.

Balloon 715 turning from Lytham Road into Hopton Road on the shuttle service

Standard 147 passing the points for Lytham Road at Manchester Square

Balloon 723 passing through Cleveleys on its way to Fleetwood

Balloon 718 at Manchester Square bound for the Pleasure Beach

Bolton 66 southbound at Manchester Square

Balloon 700 in heritage tour service at North Pier

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Virgin Pendolinos reach Blackpool

Pendolino 390011 at Blackpool North on the 13:02 service to London Euston on 12th June

Monday 21st May was the first day of electric train services on the newly upgraded and electrified Preston to Blackpool North line. As well as local electric trains a regular Virgin Pendolino service commenced operation between London Euston and Blackpool North on the same day. The following photos were all taken on Tuesday 12th June.

A Virgin Pendolino passing through Poulton-le-Fylde on its way to Blackpool North

Pendolino 390012 passing through Poulton on the 10:53 from Blackpool North to London Euston

Virgin Pendolino 390011 at Blackpool on the 11:56 arrival from London Euston

Pendolino 390011 on Platform 1 at Blackpool North after arriving from Euston

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Heritage Trams in Fleetwood

147 on Lord Street in Fleetwood on a Fylde Tramway Society private hire on Saturday

The May Day Bank Holiday weekend in Blackpool was blessed with some glorious sunny weather, here are a few shots of the heritage trams in action at the northern end of the line in Fleetwood on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of May.

Bolton 66 turning into Pharos Street in Fleetwood on Saturday

Brush Car 621 at Fleetwood Ferry on Saturday

Brush 623 heading south along North Albert Street on Sunday

Balloon 715 passing Fleetwood Library in North Albert Street on Sunday

Box 40 passing St Mary's Roman Catholic Church on Lord Street in Fleetwood on Sunday

Standard 147 on North Albert Street in Fleetwood on Sunday