Monday 9 July 2012

Rocket Tram

Blackpool Rocket 732 loaded and chained to Scotts low loader in Blundell Street
It's been a long, long time since 732 last moved through the streets of Blackpool, but today the LTT owned Rocket was extracted from the depot by a Unimog and pushed into Blundell Street, getting ready to boldly go where no tram has gone before. After spending ten years in storage in Rigby Road depot, the Rocket is going to be cosmetically restored by Blackpool Illuminations Department as a static display tableau for this years illuminations. In order to be able to load the tram and chain down the bogies to the trailer, the lower panels of the Rocket had to be removed first, revealing the old underframe and bogies of Pantograph car 168.

Tramnik One after it had been pushed into Blundell Street by the Unimog, still complete with its side panels
The Rocket slowly being winched onboard Scotts low loader, with the lower side panels removed to aid loading
Scotts low loader heads off down Lytham Road with the Rocket
732 pauses briefly on Amy Johnson Way near Blackpool Airport
Scotts low loader negotiates a junction on the industrial estate near the airport
732 in the Illuminations Department yard next to Blackpool Airport 
The Rocket in its heyday, loading passengers for a tour of the illuminations at Talbot Square in 1981
The Rocket at Talbot Square in 1981

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  1. Many memories of this a child sad to see it will no longer be running on the rails but great to hear it will be used for the illuminations