Monday 23 July 2012

Flexity centre section adverts

011 became the first Flexity to carry an advert (for Redrow Homes) on 9th June, but only on one side of the tram
Beginning with the Redrow Homes advert which made its debut on Flexity 011 on 9th June, here are some closer views of the centre section adverts that have appeared since then on Blackpool's new supertrams. The Pleasure Beach have been a sponsor of several of the adverts on the new trams, all with a common style of plain text on a gold colored background along the roof level panels, with the centre section of the tram featuring the theme of each advert on the below window vinyls. When the adverts on Flexity 010 had been completed on 20th July, these made a refreshing and colourful change from the run of six Pleasure Beach adverts that had been applied over the previous weeks.

14th June saw the first Pleasure Beach sponsored advert appear, for the Ice Skating Arena on Flexity 006
The Big Blue Hotel scheme on 005 became the second advert sponsored by the Pleasure Beach on 17th June 
Flexity 014 was outshopped with a Pleasure Beach advert featuring the Big One roller coaster on 27th June
Flexity 015 carried an advert for Nickelodeon Land (at the Pleasure Beach) on its first day in service on 29th June
11th July saw Flexity 004 enter service with an advert for the Hot Ice Show at the Pleasure Beach
An advert for the Ripley's Believe It or Not attraction at the Pleasure Beach appeared on Flexity 013 on 13th July
A colourful traditional looking advert for the Grand Theatre appeared on one side of Flexity 010 on 19th July
20th July saw an advert for Stanley Park's Art Deco Cafe appear on the other side of Flexity 010

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