Wednesday 4 July 2012

Flexity 016 makes its debut in service

Flexity 016 southbound at Gynn Square, with 006 passing by heading north
016, the last new Flexity 2 to be delivered, made its debut in daytime passenger service today, after appearing briefly in service for a few hours yesterday evening after running on test earlier in the day. This marks the end of the initial delivery and commissioning of the batch of sixteen Flexity 2 trams from Bombardier. The return of 002, which is undergoing rectification work at the Bombardier works in Germany, is still awaited, and 001 is on a long term investigative lay-up in Starr Gate depot. Apart from 001 and 002, the other 14 Flexities are seeing regular use, either in daily passenger service or being used on driver training.

Blackpool's last and newest Flexity 2 heading north at Gynn Square, on the morning of the 5th of July
Flexity 016 at North Pier on 5th July, shortly before the cloud rolled in to obsure the sun completely

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