Friday 14 June 2024

LRT Talbot Road Extension Tour

Flexity 018 using the scissors crossing as it leaves the North Station terminus
Following the official opening of the Talbot Road tramway extension on Wednesday 12th June, a series of events to celebrate the occasion were planned over the following three days, including depot tours, full system tram tours, etc. On the Thursday, Friday and Saturday a number of full system tours had been planned, using Flexity trams on all three days, with the addition of heritage double deck tram tours on Saturday 15th June. The photos shown here are of Flexity 018 operating the 15:55 LRT Talbot Road Extension Tour from Starr Gate on Friday 14th June.

Flexity 018 entering Talbot Square on its way to North Station

Flexity 018 passing Mercedes Citaro 558 on route 3 to Mereside on Talbot Road
Flexi 018 crossing over Dickson Road as it heads off down Talbot Road towards Fleetwood

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