Monday 27 May 2024

Spring Bank Holiday Heritage

Boat 227 and Balloon 717 at the North Pier heritage stops with Flexity 011 heading north
Spring bank holiday Monday in Blackpool saw six heritage trams in use during various parts of the day. The core service was provided by Boat 227 (tram A), Bolton 66 (tram B), Balloon 717 (tram C) and wartime liveried Balloon 700 (tram D). During the afternoon a fifth tram entered service, this being flat fronted Balloon 718, which later replaced Boat 227 which suffered a technical fault. Last of all Brush 631 was noted in service at Little Bispham at 1600, making it the sixth heritage tram that had operated during the day. Note all photos were taken on Monday 27th May.

Balloon 717 passsing 718 at the North Pier heritage stop
Balloon 700 turning out of Pharos Street on the 1300 Coastal Tour from Fleetwood
Bolton 66 heading south along the Promenade at North Shore
Boat 227 and Balloon 700 passing at the Gynn
Balloon 718 turning into Bold Street on the 1610 Coastal Tour from the Pleasure Beach
Balloon 700 passing the Cherry Blossom hotel on Warley Road
Bolton 66 passing Boat 227 at North Pier
Balloon 717 at Cocker Square on the 1455 Coastal Tour to Fleetwood
Brush 631 heading south at Little Bispham at 1600

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