Monday 13 November 2023

The Terror Tram heads east to Lowestoft

Reid's low loader leaving the bus yard at Rigby Road with Brush 634
The Terror Tram left Blackpool this afternoon at the start of a long journey to the opposite side of the country. Brush 634 is the latest Blackpool tram to make the long cross country trip to the east coast, where it is to be homed at the East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville near Lowestoft, alongside several other expat Blackpool trams. A low loader of Reid Freight Services arrived at Rigby Road depot shortly after midday. The weather couldn't have been worse for the move, as Blackpool was being battered by wind and rain from Storm Debi, which passed right over the resort, bringing gusts of up to 73 mph, driving rain and sea spray in from the Irish Sea. After an efficient loading process, the transporter headed off along Rigby Road at 3pm with Brush 634 onboard.

Brush 634 being towed out of the body shop by Unimog 939

Brush 634 being towed across the bus yard with Reid's low loader on the right
Brush 634 being winched up the rail ramp onto the low loader
Reid's low loader about to depart the depot with 634 securely chained down
Brush 634 heading inland down Rigby Road at the start of its very long journey

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