Sunday 16 July 2023

Heritage Trams on No Tram Sunday

Balloon 723 at Pharos Street on 16th July, which should have been thronging with Tram Sunday visitors
The Fleetwood Festival of Transport, commonly know as Tram Sunday, should have been held this weekend. Unfortunately in light of forecast 25 mph winds (occasionally gusting up to 35 mph) the event was cancelled for insurance reasons. The cancellation was all the more frustrating for the organisers, local businesses and visitors because Sunday afternoon turned out to be lovely and sunny, although admittedly there was a fairly stiff breeze blowing in the morning. The one bonus to the event being scrapped was that heritage trams were able to run all the way to Fleetwood Ferry on the Sunday of the enhanced heritage weekend, instead of turning back at Ash Street.

Brush 631 passing Enviro 437 in North Albert Street on Sunday 16th July

Balloon 700 at Little Bispham on Saturday 15th July
Brush 631 in a Fleetwood devoid of the expected Tram Sunday crowds on Sunday 16th July
Balloon 723 entering the centre track while on a Thornton Gate working on 15th July
Balloon 700 entering the loop at Little Bispham while Flexity 006 approaches the tram stop
Balloon 723 passing over the road crossing at Thornton Gate on 15th July

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