Tuesday 6 June 2023

And Then There Were Three

The scrapped remains of 678 sit between Brush 637 and Twin Set 673/683 at Wyre Dock

The number of Blackpool trams in open storage at Wyre Dock in Fleetwood has now been reduced to three. Last week Railcoach 678 was scrapped in situ at the dock, with some parts being saved to help secure the future of other preserved trams. Centenary Car 641 was removed from the site first before being dismantled, parts from this tram have also been salvaged and retrieved for further use. This leaves just Brush 637 and Twin Set 673/683 which are still looking for new homes.

A pile of remains from scrapped Railcoach 678 at Wyre Dock
More parts saved from the scrapping of Railcoach 678
Railcoach 678 looking in rather a sad state in February
The site in the storage yard that Centenary 641 was removed from last week
Centenary 641 in open storage at Wyre Dock in February 2023
Twin Set cars 683 and 673 still remain in storage at Wyre Dock

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