Tuesday 25 April 2023

Reduced Tram Service due to a Hotel Fire

Flexity 016 terminating at the North Pier tram stop before heading south again
A reduced tram service was in operation in Blackpool, commencing on the afternoon of Monday 24th April until Tuesday afternoon. A fire, which broke out at the New Hacketts Hotel on Queen's Promenade on Monday afternoon, resulted in a section of the promenade from Gynn Square northwards being closed, to allow the emergency services unrestricted access in order to be able to fight the fire. A restricted tram service was put into operation, running between Starr Gate and North Pier. To supplement the hourly number 1 bus service, two additional buses were added running on a tram replacement service, these being Enviro 400s numbers 414 & 415. Trams ran as far as the northbound North Pier tram stop, just before the Metropole Hotel, before changing ends and using the crossover to regain the southbound track. Note all the photos used in this report were taken on the morning of Tuesday 25th April.

Enviro 415 at Talbot Square on a tram replacement service
Flexity 006 using the crossover at North Pier to return south on the Tuesday morning
Enviro 414 heading north on a tram replacement service near the Imperial Hotel
Flexity 016 returning back south again via the crossover at North Pier
Queen's Promenade closed at Gynn Square, with the fire service still damping down the fire

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