Sunday, 27 March 2022

Spring at Anchorsholme Park

Flexity 005 passing the daffodils in Anchorsholme Park on Friday 25th March
This weekend saw the annual display of daffodils alongside the tramway at Anchorsholme Park in full bloom. Here is a small selection of tram and daffodil photos taken over the weekend.

Balloon 715 returning from a Coastal Tour to Fleetwood on 27th March

Flexity 006 descending the hill from Little Bispham turning circle
Balloon 717 climbing the hill at Anchorsholme on Saturday 26th March
Flexity 002 passing a bank of white daffodils near Anchorsholme Crossing
A head on view of Flexity 017 ascending the hill next to Anchorsholme Park

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  1. Hello Alan, I see from your photographs that the"Daffs are out" Is it official or unofficial? Only people of a certain age will understand the question.