Sunday 21 November 2021

Magical Express Tour 723

Balloon 723 heading north past Coral Island on Sunday 21st November
Balloon 723 has received an overall vinyl wrap for a new festive seasonal service called The Magical Express Tour. The new tour takes 25 minutes and runs from the loop at North Pier to Pleasure Beach and return. The service operates every half hour on selected dates, commencing on 19th November through to Monday 3rd January 2022. Sadly 723 has lost its 1980s green and cream livery, which was repainted for the 2016 heritage season, after the removal of a black vinyl wrap overall advert for The Sands Venue that it wore for a few years. Until the application of the Sands advert, 723 had previously worn the 1980s style livery since 2008. Sadly upon removal of the Sands vinyls, the paintwork on 723 was badly damaged necessitating a repaint.

723 northbound at Central Pier on The Magical Express Tour
Balloon 723 at North Pier about to cross over to the southbound track
723 southbound on the Golden Mile with the new Star Flyer ride on the Tower Headland
The North Pole Tram Stop where The Magical Express Tour commences
Balloon 723 at Cleveleys in 2016 after being repainted into 1980s livery again
723 on heritage service at Cleveleys in 2013 wearing a vinyl advert for The Sands Venue
723 on Lord Street in Fleetwood in 2009 after it had been painted into 1980s livery the previous year

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