Friday 6 August 2021

Brush 631 named Reginald Dixon

Brush car 621 passing 631 at North Pier shortly after the naming ceremony
Brush car 631 has been named Reginald Dixon, after the organist who played the Wurlitzer organ in the Tower Ballroom for 40 years, from 1930 to 1970. The tram's new name was unveiled at a short naming ceremony at North Pier at 2pm on Friday 6th August. After the unveiling 631 took the official party on a trip north to Little Bispham and back.

Brush 631 at North Pier before the naming ceremony
The name "Reginald Dixon M.B.E." being unveiled on the side of Brush 631
An information display about Reginald Dixon on a window adjacent to the centre door
Balloon 717 on a Heritage Tour passing 631 before the naming ceremony
Brush 631 heading off to Little Bispham with the official party onboard


  1. At least that horrible green tower looks better in cream and decorated with Reg Dixon. Any idea of the identity of the people in the naming party?

  2. Yes it looks a lot better now that the colour of the hideous box has been toned down. Some of the members of the party were Councillor Paul Galley (Chair of Blackpool Transport), Jill Steel (Reginald Dixon's daughter) and Phil Kelsall (the current Tower Ballroom organist).