Friday 7 May 2021

Coastliner route 24 diversion due to Star Wars filming

Optare Versa YJ61JHH southbound on the route 24 diversion along Thornton Gate
Due to filming work taking place on Cleveleys Promenade for the new Disney 'Star Wars: Andor' TV series, route 24 of Coastliner Buses had to be diverted from 1st May. Cleveleys sea front was transformed into a fully blown film set for a week during the beginning of May, the Cafe Cove (opposite The Venue) was given a complete makeover to resemble an alien restaurant in a galaxy far, far away. Imperial Stormtroopers were spotted along with other cast and extras on set during filming of this 'Rogue One' Star Wars prequel. Due to the promenade being closed for the week, Coastliner service 24 had to divert away from its usual route along the sea front and use Rossall Road and Thornton Gate (in both directions) instead. Northbound route 21 had to operate via Fleetwood Road and Rossall Road for the duration of the Promenade closure.

Mini Pointer Dart CE02UUY diverting along Rossall Road at the Beach Road roundabout
Coastliner Dart KP04GZM on the Thornton Gate diversion on 7th May
Dart GX54DWO turning left from Green Drive onto the Thornton Gate diversion
Imperial Stormtroopers and cast next to Cafe Cove during the filming on Cleveleys Promenade
Cafe Cove transformed into an alien building from a galaxy far, far away
False doors, windows and alien writing complete the Star Wars transformation of Cafe Cove
Alien writing surrounding a film set doorway attached to the front of Cafe Cove
Optare Versa YJ10EYZ turning from Thornton Gate onto the Promenade on 29th April
Coastliner Dart KP04GZM turning off Cleveleys Promenade on 29th April

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