Wednesday 10 March 2021

Track Welding

Track welding taking place on the curve at Starr Gate on 22nd February

Part of the ongoing engineering work on the Blackpool Tramway over the last few weeks has been track welding. Strange white tunnels have been popping up along various curves on the tram system, including at Starr Gate, the Metropole and Gynn Square. The white tent like structures are presumably to protect the welding gang from any inclement weather, although welding has been undertaken in some locations without the aid of these tents, notably at Cleveleys. Where worn rail was identified on curves of the sleeper track sections, the solution was simply to replace the old rails with lengths of new rail. On grooved tram track, where the rail is embedded in concrete, it is less disruptive to build the worn rail up (usually on curves) by the use of track welding on the surface of the rail.

The white tent concealing the welding work taking place at Starr Gate on 22nd February
Track welding on the northbound curve near Cleveleys tram stop on 1st March
Grinding the freshly welded rail alongside the Metropole Hotel on 16th February

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