Thursday 18 February 2021

Moving the Tamper from track to track

The Plasser tamper being loaded from the southbound line onto its transporter at Cabin

The Plasser tamper currently in use in Blackpool was moved from the southbound to the northbound track today. The tamping machine failed to negotiate the crossover at the Cabin yesterday, due to it's long wheelbase and fixed (non-bogie) wheel arrangement. The only way to effect the transfer was to load the tamper onto its low-loader, move the truck across to the northbound line and unload it again.

The tamper and transporter lining up over the northbound track

The Plasser tamper sat on its jacks after the transporter had been moved out of the way

The tamping machine being lowered down on its hydraulic jacks

The Tamper sat on the northbound line near Cabin, ready to continue work again

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