Monday 7 September 2020

Sorry Tram Full

Flexity 018 at the Gynn already displaying "Sorry Tram Full" on its destination screen on 30th August

The August Bank Holiday Weekend in Blackpool was dry, if somewhat cool for the time of year. As a consequence of the foreign travel restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, Blackpool has been enjoying something of a mini-boom with staycation visits by tourists and daytrippers. As a result of the social distancing rules in place on public transport, that were introduced because of Covid-19, it was inevitable that during this busy weekend trams and buses would be reaching their reduced maximum capacities. Over the three days of the Bank Holiday, many trams and buses were already displaying "Sorry Tram Full" or "Sorry Bus Full" before they had loaded up passengers in the busy North Shore hotel area from the Cabin southwards. As a result many trams were sailing past the stops leaving scores of passengers to find their own way to their destinations, with many people even resorting to walking (shock, horror!).

ADL Enviro 452 displaying "Sorry, Bus Full due to Social Distancing" on 29th August

Overall advert Flexity 001 showing "Sorry Tram Full" on Sunday 30th August

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