Sunday 3 November 2019

North Fylde Running Day

Ribble 1805, 1997 & 366 at Cleveleys bus station

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ribble Motors, the Fylde Transport Trust decided to recreate some local bus routes from the 1970s based around the Cleveleys area on 3rd November. The North Fylde Running Day saw the following routes being operated out of Cleveleys bus station, 91 Cleveleys to Stanah, 92 Cleveleys to Poulton and 186 Cleveleys to Fleetwood Ferry. In addition to the former Ribble routes, Blackpool PD3 number 529 ran from Cleveleys to Bispham on route 22, returning as route 9 back to Cleveleys. The former Ribble vehicles in use were lowbridge Atlantean 1805, Bristol VR 1997 and newly repainted Bristol RE 366.

Ribble 1997 and 366 at Cleveleys bus station

Blackpool 529 in Cleveleys on route 22 to Bispham

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