Saturday 24 August 2019

Trolleybus Museum 50th Anniversary

An impressive line-up of 14 trolleybuses greeted visitors on the Saturday

The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft near Doncaster celebrated its 50th anniversary over the August Bank Holiday weekend. The event was a rare opportunity to see almost the complete fleet of trolleybuses on outside display. Virtually all the trolleybuses that could be moved were towed out of the sheds and either lined up for static display or used in service if they were operable. 
On the first day of the gala weekend a grand total of 17 vehicles ran on the Saturday, a first for Sandtoft, the most previously operated in one day was 16 during the 40th anniversary event. This impressive total was exceeded on the Bank Holiday Monday when a record 20 vehicles ran.

Huddersfield 631, a 1959 East Lancs bodied Sunbeam S7

London 1348, a 1939 all Leyland trolleybus

Maidstone 72, a 1947 Sunbeam with Northern Coachbuilders bodywork

Bradford 746, a 1949 Roe bodied BUT

Huddersfield 619, a 1956 East Lancs bodied BUT, at The Regal Cinema

Doncaster 375 operating a clockwise circuit

South Shields 204 and Huddersfield 541

Reading 144, a 1949 BUT with Park Royal bodywork

Manchester 1344, a 1955 BUT with Burlingham bodywork

Reading 113 departing for a run, leaving Reading 193 at the terminus

Nottingham 506, a 1950 BUT with Brush bodywork

Limoges (France) 5, a 1943 Vetra (Berliet) CB60 being rewired

South Shields 204 waiting for Bradford 792 on the turning circle

The replica 1911 Cedes-Stoll trackless trolley running on battery power

A 1981 Brown Boveri HR150G (GM T6H-5307) from Edmonton, Canada

Wellington (New Zealand) 82, a 1963 BUT with MCCW bodywork

Porto (Portugal) 140 and Liege (Belgium) 425 on static display

Reading 181 operated a one-off journey to end the days service


  1. Alan - I'm an amateur artist and looking for an image of a Huddersfield trolley bus to sketch. Would you mind if I used one of your photos as the basis for my sketch? Many thanks, John Warburton

    1. Hello John, Please feel free to use my photo as a basis for your
      sketch. Best regards, Alan