Wednesday 28 November 2018

Birkenhead 20 leaves Blackpool

The depot fork lift truck shunted 20 from the depot into Blundell Street

Birkenhead open-top tram 20 left Blackpool on 28th November to return to its home on the Wirral Tramway. 20 originally arrived on loan to the heritage fleet on 27th July 2017, but spent most of its time unused in the tram depot awaiting attention to its wheels, only seeing limited use during the last two months of its visit. Scotts low loader arrived in Blundell Street shortly before 08:00 on Wednesday morning, by 10:30 the tram was loaded onto the trailer and had departed for its relatively short journey back to Birkenhead.

Birkenhead 20 being pushed up the ramp by the fork lift truck

Birkenhead 20 being winched onto the trailer

Birkenhead 20 safely winched onto the low loader trailer

A rear view of Scotts low loader with 20 safely loaded

Birkenhead 20 loaded up and chained down ready for departure

Scotts low loader turning into Lytham Road for the trip south to Birkenhead

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