Sunday 27 August 2017

August Bank Holiday Sunday

Brush Car 623 running down Lord Street in Fleetwood on an afternoon Heritage Tour
The timetabled Heritage Tram Tour output on Bank Holiday Sunday was provided by Bolton 66, Brush 623, Centenary 648, Railcoach 680 and Balloons 715 & 718, with Boat 600 assigned to specials. The tram service was disrupted again in the afternoon due to the Livewire Festival that was taking place on the Tower Headland, and from 3.00pm the Heritage Tour service was restricted to running between the Tower and Starr Gate. The Flexity service was again split into two, with the northerly section operating between North Pier and Fleetwood Ferry, and the southern section working between the Tower and Starr Gate.

Boat 600 heading south near the Tower
Brush Car 623 passing Boat 600 at Central Pier

Balloon 715 on a Heritage Tour to Starr Gate, passing Flexity 012 at the LRT platforms
Balloon 715 and Bolton 66 passing at the temporary Heritage Tour stops opposite Coral Island amusements
Centenary 648 heading south along Lord Street in Fleetwood on Sunday afternoon

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