Sunday 18 June 2017

Is it a Tram or is it a Bus?

ACTV Translohr 20 arriving at Piazzale Roma in Venice from Favaro
It's a combination of a tram and a bus called a Translohr, a rubber tyred articulated tram style vehicle, guided by a single steel rail that's recessed into the carriageway, but with the wheels running on the road surface. The system was originally developed by Lohr Industrie of France and is currently in use in France, Italy, China and Columbia. The line illustrated here is part of the Tranvia de Mestre system, operated by Venice ACTV public transport and opened in 2015. The system is comprised of two lines, T1 and T2, which serve parts of the Venice commune, line T1 running from the mainland via a long causeway bridge to the island city of Venice.

ACTV Translohr 20 at the Piazzale Roma terminus of line T1 in Venice

ACTV Translohr 09 departing from the Piazzale Roma terminus in Venice
ACTV Translohr 01 leaving the Piazzale Roma heading for Favaro on the mainland

ACTV Translohr 01 at Piazzale Roma in Venice, ready to depart for Favaro on the mainland

ACTV Translohr 01 arriving in Venice, having just crossed the lagoon via the causeway


  1. There are very similar trams in Caen - Normandy

    1. The Caen system is similar but from a different manufacturer, it's going to be replaced by a new light rail system due to being plagued with faults.